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July 16, 1981 

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History of the Fairview Junior-Senior

High School Reunion

In 1981, Fairview Junior-Senior High School Alumni celebrated their first reunion.  The first reunion was the brainchild of Rev. John Givens.  The intent was in keeping the memory of Fairview alive.  He enlisted the aid of other Fairview Alumni to help in putting together an honorary program for the former principal of the Fairview High School for thirty-one (31) years, Mr. Samuel Houston Henninton, Sr.

Members of the 1981 (First Reunion) Fairview High School Reunion Committee were:

Rev. John Givens

Yvonne Brigman Gilkey

Margie R. Carver

Isaac Craver

Betty Givens

Minard Jackson

Patricia Pruitt

1989 - Second Reunion - Rev. John Givens, President

1991 - Third Reunion - C.L. Allen, President

1995 - Fourth Reunion - Martha Coleman-Allen, President

1998 - Fifth Reunion - Eva N. Moody, President

2001 - Sixth Reunion - Benny L. Lockett, President

2004 - Seventh Reunion - Benny L. Lockett, President

2007 - Eighth Reunion - Thomas W. Northcutt, Sr., President

2009 - Ninth Reunion - Thomas W. Northcutt, Sr., President

2011 - Tenth Reunion - Frances W. Allen, President

2013 - Eleventh Reunion - Mason D. Barrett, Esq., President

2015 - Twelfth Reunion - Mason D. Barrett, Esq., President

2017 - Thirteenth Reunion -Thomas W. Northcutt, Sr., President

2019 - Fourteenth Reunion - Floyzell Stevenson

2021 - COVID

2023 - Fifteenth Reunion - Elaine Barrett Sam

     As an outgrowth from the Fairview Reunion Celebration Weekend, on July 5, 1998, the newly elected President, Benny Locket, put forth a new challenge to the Alumni.  The challenge was that the Fairview Junior-Senior High School Reunion become a Fairview Junior-Senior High School Corporation.  The Alumni readily agreed.  This challenge became a reality, organized by the newly elected officers and board members.

     The Corporation, would thereby address the needs and concerns of its members and the larger community.  Its alumni were concerned about the lack of a community center for organized activities and the need for more continuing education programs for both youth and adults. Fairview Alumni would like to salute the previous Officers and Board members for a job well done.  The dream has become a reality as the Fairview Community Center building was erected in 2007.

Physical Address:

606 County Road 1625

Linden, TX 75563


Telephone: (903)-824-7318


Mailing Address for all correspondece:

P.O. Box 778

Linden, Texas 75563-0778